Poem On The Invisible Being


The Invisible Being
You are here even before the heaven
You mud me and know me
Before my birth
But have never know you
Though I read alot about you.
You've seen me
But have never seen you
The  unseen being

With your finger you punished
Your enemy
Who so ever friend you
You surely love them.
You have touch me 
But have never touch you
Hmmm, how I wish
The untouchable being.

Do you feel his presence?
I always feel it it within me
I remembered the other time
He hold my hand and said
He had fall in love with me
When will you come to take me home?
When will I come to visit you?
The invisible being.

                          Invisible Ghost

Have you at any point seen an air, however you can feel it,you have seen sun, yet you can't get hold of it or take a gander at it, 
Have you at any point seen love previously? Be that as it may, you can feel it. 

That is the manner by which this God is, I do feel him however I can't contact him, the first occasion when I saw him in my fantasy, I pursued him needed to snatch him I tumbled down level, He thought back and shot in the arm. He gave me his hand, I contacted it and I hold it immovably I never let go of it, bt into minor air it vanished. 

Seeing him in my fantasy can't, I need to see the unseeb being truly with my profound eyes. 
You said is unimaginable. 
Nothing is incomprehensible in the event that you accept,. Would you be able to feel his touch presently, am feeling it at this moment, these for what reason do transpires constantly. 

Feeling his touch and dreaming about him, hearing is voice is incorporated yet am holding on to see His face, the substance of Invisible being.


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