Poem on Cruelty Of Life

Cruelty of life poem

Why is life so cruel? 
At youthful age 

My future aspiration 
To complete elementary school 
Enlist to auxiliary school level 
Right away 

Finish in higher organization separately 
Also, secure a great job 
Get hitched 
Offer shower to both male and female 

Deal with my family 
Also, people group in a fair way 

Filful my fantasy at twenty years old 

Presently life has choose wrongly for me 
Change my fantasy 

Furthermore, aspiration to the most noticeably awful 

Taking me to level I never intended to be 

It carries torment and distress to my heart 

At the point when I understood am as yet battling 

To arrive at half of my fantasy and aspiration 

Ever at age of my center 30's 

I sobbed and cried quietly 

More in my heart 

Since life has chosen wrong for me 

My way to my fantasy and aspiration is close however 

Life continues tossing snags to me,

Which makes me step in reverse and start all over again,

Making me to appreciate sweet harshness of misery, 

Life figure out how to give me significant serenity 

Be that as it may, there is no rest of psyche 

My heart got broken and incapacitated 

Holding up to raised 

What's more, satisfy my fantasy and aspiration.


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