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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Some inspirational poem about life


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Who are you? 

You are excellent/attractive, 

You are keen nearly nothing, you are so entertaining, 
You are thoughtful, you are special, 
You are deserving of adoration and expressions of love

You are rarely excessively and you are in every case enough, 
You are valuable, you are jewel, 

A pearl, the most staggering of all God's creation, 

You are commendable beyond what you can ever envision, 

Commendable more than the number on the scales, 
Your value outperforms every single natural thing
You do all things tolerably
You are unique in the entirety of your ways
In spite of the fact that you may be poor like church mouse yet your characters can never leave you,

Never look down on yourself, be bold and brave,

Look outside there, numerous individuals needed to be your companion,

Also, when you are down what will you let them know,

Those might man you hear there name they go through numerous challenges,

Continuously recall, you are having a more promising time to come.

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Recall intense time don't keep going forever, in the event that you remain quiet and cool persevering through the sharpness of the sweet world, 
You will carry on with an uncomparable life.
That is what your identity is. 

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Some inspirational poem about life

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