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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Inspirational Poem on Humility


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Regardless of how courageous a canine is it runs seeing monster,
Regardless of how pride a turkey is its not as delightful as chameleon who can change its material in any case,
Regardless of how a bird flap it's wings it can never soar high as eagle,
Regardless of how futile a night crawler is ranchers esteems it more than centipede,
Regardless of how pride a peacock is, it can never come close itself to an ostrich
Humility is an inbuilt good which expresses stronger than words, it is the nature of having unassuming or low perspective on one significance,
Modesty reinforces one relationship, it likewise makes everlasting adoration accessible,
Lowliness characterizes you, it clarifies the sort of individual you are from the primary site,
It causes you to feel better and gives spaces for your excellence to sparkle,
Modesty accumulates quality and energy for you,
Turning out to be renowned isn't hard,
Turning into a favored youngster from God is certain,
Since God himself offer regard to humble heart.

If there is reward for right
And punishment for wrong
If there is commendation for good
And condemnation for evil
If we sustain the honest
And despise the  corrupt
Then justice will seem done
And humanity will stand upside up

The Gap
The heat of the hottest furnace
And the cold of the coldest freeze
The height of the highest mountain
And the depth of the deepest dongeon
Compare the contrast
Such is the gap between man and man
While some sterve in perpetual penury
Other feed their pet with kilos of meat
While some sweep gutters with flowing velvetine
Others waddle in quick sand of rags
Compare the contrast
Such is the gap between man and man.

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Inspirational Poem on Humility

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