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Friday, April 10, 2020

Poem on Imagination


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Pure Imagination poem

Imagine you are in paradise 
Sitting at the correct hand side 
Dinning and winning with Jesus 
Nothing is more prominent than this happiness 
Sitting with one's maker. 

Envision there is no sky 
covering heaven 
Giving every single person 
Access to see their maker, 
Concerning me I will always go there 
And spend my entire day with him. 

Imagine there is in no way like religion, doctrines, 
To make discussion and untruth 
Everybody will supplicate in solidarity, unity and bring 
Paradise down on Earth. 

Envision we don't have embezzler in our nation, states 
In no way like law or boundage, 
Total opportunity is available 
In no way like theft, prejudice, or 
Putting all families on honored position, 
Utilizing residents' cash to purchase a fresh out of the plastic new vehicle, 
Loosing your kin to maladies. 
Everyone will be on happy mode

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Presently imagine we are having Leader
There is law and little opportunity 
Misappropriation is available, 
Shortage of nourishment is part 
Bolting and beating residents 
No types of Dignity or regard for residents 
In any case, embezzlement is certain and
Poverty is sure. 

Which one do you like? 

Envision there is no love
Severance is certain 
Scorn is sure 
Harmony and amicability is negative
Selfishness is positive
Mayhem is all over the place 
Disorder is available. 

Return and imagine 
There is strong and veritable love 
All over.

By what means will it be?

Remember, this poem is made of imagination and if you join me, we will both imagine what is positive and not negative tending not to hurt others when we become leader or when we hold a higher position.
Imagination sometimes comes real when we works toward it, this shows different between vision and imagination.
Vision is of a spiritual realm and imagination is of human understanding. 

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Poem on Imagination

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