Explaining the meaning of prayer

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What is prayer? 

Prayer is a Greek word "Deesis" which means making  power(dunamis) available to do things. If you truly desire to do things, desire alone can ever do things unless you pray. Learning to pray or listen to prayer is not praying.

   Because you have never open your mouth to pray. You have to Pray Until Something Happen(PUSH).

        No asking, no receiving. The Bible says: Ask and it shall be given unto you. It is when you ask that you will receive what you ask. 

   Assume you are with your dad looking into his eyes without saying anything do you expect him to dig into your heart and bring your thoughts out? Though your father might now what you need at that time but once you don't ask it means you don't need at that particular period of time.

       It is a relationship, if you desire God to involve in your business, in your life you have to involve him in prayer. You need an ability to to do something, hence the ability is granted inprayer. Even Jesus in his life, he started with prayer and ended with prayer. The life of a champion is in what he does regularly.


What prayer Does? 

  • You will fulfill God's purposes
  • While praying supernatural is being made natural
  • Your fellowship with the trinity is made stronger. 
  • Prayer reaches people faster
  • It burns flesh, stronghold, carnality, weakness. 
  • When we pray, we give spirit its expression for manifestation.
  • Power is available when praying (James 5:12)
  • Boldness and conviction.
  • Your living will be terrifying to the devil.
  • Whenever you pray, you are edified.
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Who am I Going To Pray For? 

This question do bother alot of Christians, who will I pray for? How am I going to pray for them? since I don't know what is  happening to them, how will I pray for them? You don't have to know what is happening to anyone just pray according to how the holy spirit direct you.

   The scriptures is full of instructions on who to pray for:

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  • Pray for the ministers Eph. 6:19; col.4:3_4
  • Pray for one another.
  • Pray for disciples Rom. 1:9,1tim.2:1. 

       Some thinks there prayer should base on Forgiveness of sin which is not done. Don't waste time on that your sin has been forgiven.

    The time you spent on praying determines your growth. None praying Christians are powerless and allows the wrong thoughts to govern there mind, even anything can happen to them. Prayer is neither an option nor substitution, but it is a platform where spiritual things are in contact with physical. Prayer bring separation.

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