Happy birthday poem to my Brother


Happy birthday to my Brother. 

If I could have one wish, it would be to be like you.
Brother, you are a guardian angel in disguise,
Through my up and down on life, you stood right beside,
You are my mother and my father in the time of trouble,
I am very sure, all your headaches comes from me.
You are intelligent, wise, brilliant in all ways,
I can't love you less.
Right beside me you stood through my
Tough times,
You advice always sounds in my brain
"Tough time never last but
Tough people do" you keep on telling me
You can make even without anyone with you,
You taught me to stand and walk side by side with God
That I will never go astray,
My love for you knows no bound.
You are always there to keep me away from fears,
You are the greatest friends I've ever had.
I've told you sometimes that I don't need your help,
But you still come and provides help when I even
Thought there is none to help,
Your prayer life did a great impact in my life, 
You've made the sky waved at me so many times
Giving kudos to me,
I know it's your work done in my life.
We've had our fights,
Which leads to sleepless night,
I know it was a mistake
When I don't know your value then,
An epitome of generosity.
But in in the end, I'm grateful to you,
My appreciation has no end.
I love you Brothers!
Happy, Happy Birthday to You!!!


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