Happy birthday poem to my Daughter


Happy birthday to my Daughter poem

I remember when you were born,
With tears on my face,
With great joy in my heart,
Holding you in my arms,
I love you from the beginning.

My joy is full to the brim,
I know we are blessed for having you,
In all the ways am grateful,
To have a beautiful and cute daughter like you.

As you are to me, you are more than treasure
Excavated from the sea,
You are more valuable than a gold forged out of fire,
You are always the apple of my eyes.

Though, nobody knows what tomorrow,
What you will become in future,
Whatever the result tomorrow give,
I can love you less.

The new life in you,
Anticipating to see when you become a mother,
The joy of grandparent is seeing
The new life abound.

I want you to understand that
The love showed today,
Is not of today only or of tomorrow,
but till life exist.

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