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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Poem|salute to the woman


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Salute to the woman poem

You Shall adore, respect the woman,
She is an holy pleasure,
Created with sacred heart,
You shall protect and guide the woman,
She is a valuable and a precious treasure,
She is a pillar of reference and respect.

Her womb provides nine-month sanctuary,
Through her life, a man lives,
And through her laps, the giant is born,
Her breasts are sources of living,
And her back, the alternate matrass,
Remember the comfort of her back,
You recall the comfort of her arms,
Remember the kisses of her lips,
And the tenderness of her lips,
Her voice, when she sings and dance
Is an evergreen in my memory,
Her happiness makes the sun smiles
While her anger makes the sky weep.

The ripping woman provides the wife,
The growing woman becomes the mother,
The greying woman becomes the granny,
Behind every man exists a woman,
And behind the success of a man, there is
a special woman taking hold of the place,
Some would claim "No woman no tears"
A tearless life is a sweetless life.

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Poem|salute to the woman

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