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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Dead Poem


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Poem on Dead

It's not my wish to take pen and write this
But due to this weakness of mine
I hate leaving or loosing my loved one
Traveling for me becomes difficult
Because this life normally for me
Looks like a mirage
Only the pathway I saw

With shinning and flahing rays
Sometimes getting down and touching it
Becomes my idea
Getting there to hold tight or hug
Puffs in air it disappeared
Sometimes people calls me a crazy being. 

I hate killing my pet or seeing its dead body,
Talkless of leaving my loved one
Though I know one day,
I will leave you or
We depart to where our
Joy will abound,
I wish to recognize you all
But why is it so fast in leaving my loved one
What I hate most in life is pain
I never play near needle
Talkless of blade
That's why I hate assaulting people
Cause if you assault me
My nerves brought so many pain to my brain. 

I hate separation the most
One question I will like to ask Him is
Why do you leave us.
Hmmm Death is an agony on
Its own,

Bruises that won't heal till eternity
Most especially when you lost your
You will look at the picture again and again
Wish to brought him back to life.

But to no avail, wasted effort.
Listen to your heart, it's telling you something,
Always life a good life for good account.

Remember you can live
Try and wake up
To reality of life.

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The Dead Poem

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