The power of love peom

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Without your love

What will I do without your smile lips,
After entering into my eyes,
You blind me like a sunray, and
Your love start overflowing within my heart
I can't stop wondering how God created you
With your cute dimples, and
Your shinning eyes like an angel,
No wonder I always called you my cute angel.

I will never forget you sweet touch on my shoulder
Your encouragement when am down
Now I know we are made for each other.
I never wish to leave you,
Cause I can't leave without you,
As I can't write LOVE YO.. Without U.

Your companionship makes me stronger as
Our friend turns to a friendship,
A friendship turms to a bound,
And you know abound will never be broken
And can never be thrown into the ditch.
It has been along days has you as my friend,
But putting inline of friend alone is difficult,
Until I find a place for you in my heart, but
Instead of sitting down quietly there,
You built a mansion there,
My heart has no room for escape without YOU.

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