Poem on nature of the mind

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The nature of the Mind poem

This is the mind that gives an opinion, that makes the decision, 
The one that's been holding on doing some recollection, 
The one in charge of making imaginations.

I have come to believe that having this ominous feeling and just over thinking over little things, 
Are just a part of the nature of our mind.

To understand the concept of mind, one has to live through their pains and grow flowers from it, 
Life is sweet when you live like you have no pains, 
The only pain killer for life is happiness.

Lend on ear, sense of nature of mind, sense of interacting, sense of forgiving, sense of acceptance, 

Sense of starting, sense of loving, the product of knowledge, wisdom to be educate.

Melting the obstacle, seeing life cycle, emptiness never disappear, salty drops may appear in frozen mind no more wise guess anymore unflinching nurture in a rupture, destination,
 proclamation of our dignity, 
keep ones eye peeled, diving our mind till zenith.

With our wide imagination, that can be an illusion, 
Or either hallucination, the trepidation and of worry
That makes our heart just simply feel the anxiety, 
Are of the nature of mind.

Benith derived in our verbal and actual action, spiritually, mentally,
Physically, emotionally, rejection, frustration, potential to grow, obstacle truly essential, 
From the initial, remember that is partial and this make the nature of mind so special, 
Providing tranquilizer, the best appetizer doubt and confusing mind never refuse inserting good appetite 

For every unsweetened condition.
Minds can get rough, leading multidisciplinary action of head capable to do in unsymetric line protecting our mind, 
The one who trespass just let it pass highest level of affection, raising volume of acceptance, 
surrendering desire when you did wrong, pour of managing technique, 

Innocent is the virtue of our mind, ratio is always one to one and no one all by ourselves who rely on arriving of common denominator,
Self mind best monitoring observant soul for thy heart to be bounty frequently, radiance and reactor,

Located in the philosophy of mind. 
No right timing unless you are waiting nonsense, stop proving your nature, in someone discrimating your mind. 
I thought the philosophy of mind is difficult to understand until I know that life is not categorized by diamond or gold, life is only made up of happiness and sadness. 

So it is fine
It is all in a humankind
Just unwind.
Inhale... Exhale
And see the new nature
Of the world. 


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