Seven secrets of Child Training

The secrets of Child Training

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    Train is the essential word. It embraces thoughtful planning, I wearing determination, and infinite patience. It is no job for weaklings. The most vital task ever committed to men and women, it demands the utmost and best of them. 
The trouble is that many parents have never learned how to train their children. They are at their wit's end to know hat to do with them. In their heart they long to bring them up aright, but how to go about it is beyond them. They stand by helpless as their boys and girls get out of hand and join the lost generation.

    The secrets of Child Training is not hidden and it's simple for the parent who wish to learn.
The rapid growth of juvenile ddelinquency affords tragic evidence that bringing up children has well-nigh become a lost art. All too many are not brought up at all. But are left to do as they wish.
    Yet it is not necessary they are troublesome. They don't have to be rude, insolent, sadistic little vandals. Right upbringing will make them the nicest niggers in the word. With proper care and training, they can be little angel in the world. "Train up your child in the of the lord and when he is old, he will never depart from it'(pro.22:6).

    Bringing up a family for God is not a matter of luck! Luck hasn't anything to do with it. It's just plain hard work, plus the blessing of God. It means being eeverlastingly on the job day and night, from childhood to youth, from youth to manhood or womanhood.

Seven secrets of Child Training.

These are the seven secrets of child training. These secrets should help you if you are parent or about to be or going to be a parent. They are strongly supported in the Bible.

1. Help your children to find God for themselves as Early as possible. 

    This is very important. Let their earliest thoughts be about Jesus and His love. Make sure they know great passages of the scripture. As soon as they can read, Teach them to study weekly lesson by themselves. Urge them to pray on their own by their bedside everynight before sleeping and early in the morning when they wake up. Thus they will develop great habit to pray on their own accord, which will stay with them throughout their lifetime.

    Gather your children around you and read to them the old Bible stories. Have them all pray aloud so they will never feel ashame when praying in public. It's glorious things to do and it will be a precious memory in their minds in years to come.
    Children will pray for all sorts of strange and exciting things. Never mind. Allow them. All of their prayer may not be answered but many of them will be. I believe that God take special delight in answering children's prayers and He does so in other to strengthen their beliefs and their faith. 

    Moreover, their personal Bible study, their private praying, whereby each individual child builds up his or her own connection with God is very important. They must know that they are not in this world by accident and come to the understanding of regarding Jesus as their firm, true friend in time of happiness and sadness, so when they become youth, they will "storm the battlements of heaven" in His name and give their lives to His service.
2. Lay Reposibilities Upon Your Children and See That They Carry Them Out. 

This will teach them self reliance and make them trust worthy in days to come. Yes, you know this will take time too. It's easy enough to give a child a job;but more difficult to see it's done. It takes tough time to make sure it is done and done right.

    The remedy for this disease of irresponsibility must b web applied in childhood. They must be made to understand that when mother or father gives them a job, they must do it to the best of their ability. They must know that they cannot escape their responsibility even if they give lame excuses. 
    Children trained like will grow into dependable youth. It will be natural for them to be faithful to every trust. 

3. Keep Your Children Busy

Children are normally so full of life that if they are not engaged in something good they will surely be up to mischief. And adages says " an idle hand is a devil's workshop" has a lot of truth in it.
It isn't right for mother to be in the kitchen preparing super, wish dishes while children watch a television program.
    This doesn't mean that parents should be slave drivers, thinking up one task after another for their children to do. That doesn't make a happy family. The children must have time to play. But that should be led to understand that it is their responsibility to help keep the home going. Just as soon as they are old enough to do a little jobs around the house, they should be taught.

Children are wonderful around the place if they are taught to do their part when they are young, once they know that it's their duties to do home chores they will never stop doing it.

4. Maintain Your God-appointed Leadership 

     For I have known (chosen, acknowledged) him [as My own], so that he may teach and command his children and the sons of his house after him to keep the way of the Lord and to do what is just and righteous, so that the Lord may bring Abraham what He has promised him.(Gen. 18:19).  
    God intend that the parent, not the children, will direct the household. The word "Discipline" which nobody likes to use anymore is necessary. It's part of parenthood. It involves setting the right pattern and holding to it. It is calls for the application of gentle but determined pressure when and where necessary.
    As you value peace and happiness of your home, don't surrender this leadership. There was a time when some educator advocated leaving children free to do their will, do what they want to do, lest they develop a complex, but experience has proved that such idea unsound.
    After all what are parents for if not to plan Smooth running of their home and give directiot to the children's lives? Upon them laid a responsibility to guide, direct, advice and if they fail to live up to that responsibility, they invite only calamity and sorrow.

    The apostle Paul had something to say on this subject. First to children.
"Children, obey your parents in the Lord [as His representatives], for this is just and right.. Honor (esteem and value as precious) your father and your mother—this is the first commandment with a promise that all may be well with you and that you may live long on the earth."(Eph. 6:1_3).

    This may sound like old fashioned advice, but it has lost no value or virtue with the passing years. Equally timely is his counsel to parents.
    Fathers, do not irritate and provoke your children to anger [do not exasperate them to resentment], but rear them [tenderly] in the training and discipline and the counsel and admonition of the Lord.(verse 4).

    Discipline takes time, thought, care, judgment, but it makes all the difference between an orderly home and bedlam. If you fail to discipline them, you will pay for your slackness the rest of your life. So will the children also. They will never know the kind of home God planned for them. And they will escape from the confusion as soon as they can.

5. Make Home the Central of Attraction. 

    Plan things to make the children happy. Take time to play with them, make sure you do a lot of things together. Let them comprehend that you love them. Read to them. Children love to be read to.

   The result of this will be that the children will look upon home as the most beautiful placb in the world. For them there will be no joy to quite going home.
    Some children find it difficult to go home from school after closing hour, they know their home is similar to barrack or can we call it burning hell? You have to show to them that you care about them.
    In years to come such home will prove an anchor amids storms of life, and the most treasured memory they will carry with them to the home eternal.

6. Watch over Your Children with Ceaseless Vigilance.

    If you want to bring your children aright, you cannot leave them halftime with the neighbors or maids even with any nanny. The best baby sitter in the world is no substitute for mother. But you say"mother also have to make money so we will be able to meet end, so all of will reach home 21:30, so how are you planning to watch and care for them?
    Mother should always be there when the children came home from school. Whenever they entered the house there should always be a radiant welcome for them from their mother. Always she must have interest in all that concerned them, being ready to meet their needs, answer their questions, help them make right decisions and warn them aagainst temptation. 

7. Open the Treasure House of New Ideas

    When the children are old enough to watch television, introduce them to better programs. Keep control of the knob. As the divinely appointed leaders of the home. Parent have the right and duty to decide on the kind of program the children watch. And you take time to explain why tunning the program to another. If the explanation is given wisely, kindly and firmly, they will see the correctness of the decision and make the right choice whenever you are not around. 

    The same applied to reading of books or magazines. You have to introduce them to good books and magazines. This will take more time. For you will have to read the books and magazines yourself to understand the content maybe it's good for the children to read.

    Take note: one bad book or "cartoon stories" can poison there mind for life. So you have to keep control of all reading matters coming into your home. And when opportunity comes explain in details while some books are good and while some are opposite. 

    With all these steps listed above, at least one will be of help for you. Your home should be heaven on earth.
    Make your home more comfortable for your children, treat them with love and "respect"(I don't mean kneeling down for them or prostrating) but your shed affection on them. As you are born with crown, they must be your prince and princess treated with enthusiasm. Not everything is scolding, beating, flogging or raining abusive word on them there should be time for parent-to-child talk. 
Remember, children worth caring for. 

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