Forgiveness poem_ Inspirational poem for forgiveness

<img src="forgiveness poem.png" alt="forgiveness poem an inspirational poems about forgiveness for leaving or hurting you">

I'm asking for your soul to awaken, In my absence I learned to face my burdens, And here I stand corrected and dying for mercy, I'm asking you to find it in your heart to forgive me.

Forgiveness, it can be manifested but it's not a command,It's an infinity of heavy load, It's a process of righteousness, It's a form of declaration in unity, It is a quickest horse of harmony, A self difinition of peace a self centred of divinity. 

 I never thought asking for forgiveness could hurt so much, I learnt that to forgive can hurt more than apologizing, especially when you know not of your wrong doings.

Divine direction of submitting ourselves fully, a preparation of solidarity in human kind, Forgiveness is a clue of an open road, Forgiveness won't be concluded in anyway, It's a way of living n pursuing light, It's an magnificent voice of ur inner part.


Forgiveness is painful, apologies are powerful, the Forgiven heal the pain, Pain comes from the unknown, the misunderstood, and it is controlled by misinterpreted information, the tears of a lonesome child indeed, letting the darkness consume the light.

Nothing is unforgivable, is there any event that won't erase according to age? 

Forgive and replace memories with good event we had before, never lock your mind, to my apologies, close not your heart to my pleading, after this it will be You and I.

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