Black lives and every lives Matter poetry

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To me, life is like a diamond which everybody should value,

Racism leads to hatred, 

Hatred leads to killing, 

Killing leads to death, 

Can death solve the problem we are facing, 

Our lives matters a lot. 

Racism, hatred and killing can never solve this problems of ours,

We are only created with different colours to show God's dimension of creativity,

That's when I believe God also exist as an artist,

Dunamis, lies within Him,

He created us with different colours but the same love Thou have towards us,

What a precious gifts giveth to us! 

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Never think because someone is black

His brain is also black,

God cannot be mocked,

No colour can bleach and change the colour of the brain, 

Touching doesn't mean I will stain you,

We need to change our faculty of thinking,

We becomes slave to our thoughts,

Our thoughts becomes the master of brain, 

Black lives needs freedom,

White lives need peace,

Every lives need freedom.

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Never think you are right when you followeth the footsteps of your leader,

You and your leader might sleep and face the same way, 

You might be wrong,

I knoweth that your conscience bears you witness when thou are right or wrong,

God created this to serve as a guard

Guiding your thoughts,

But did you know that you can shut it up

When you continue doing what you thought is right but,

In others face, totally a destruction to one's destiny,

Did you treasure my life?

A question you need to answer within you,

I knoweth not your heart,

So if I decided to cometh to your country,

So I will also say "I can't breathe"

Thou are depriving me the oxygen given to me by grace,

Hope you cherished my life?

Living in harmony seems the best,

Everybody need somebody to lean on,

Living in harmony seems not the best, 

But it's the best you have to sacrifice, 

As you need me so also I need all of you, we all depend on each other.

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