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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Christianity poem on Eternity


Do you realize that you will outlast the SUN? Do You realize that when the earth and stars have all died, will simply be starting to your unending day; a period without end? When you are conceived, you will never stop to live; and you will never stop to develop old, you will be alive til' the very end happen. Time everlasting has no closure. This is a grave and dreadful truth. 

Assume it were conceivable to tie a rope from earth to paradise and a subterranean insect was to go to the sun and turn on this rope, when the subterranean insect has done that a hundred times, at that point a little part of endlessness has passed. 

Assume a little kid were to purge a sea with cup, the books that have ever been written in all fields of human undertaking and in all dialects, and an understudy were to peruse them individually, the time he would spend perusing all the books will just add up to a moment, part of forever. In the event that a grain of sand speaks to one day, all the sand at the coastline will speak to just a little insignificant piece of time everlasting! In the event that a feathered creature goes to hone its mouth once per year at a mountain, when the winged animal wears the mountain right now, an irrelevant piece of time everlasting would have passed. Forever! to put it plainly, is a life_ time of the endless God. 


Time everlasting doesn't end at time of death. Demise is simply one more wrung on the stepping stool of forever. As such, it's only a passage to time everlasting, forever in paradise or damnation. There is "the revival of life" and there is "the restoration of demnation" This may stun you. Time everlasting Sinner will wind up in time everlasting hellfire and each Saint will go to unceasing rest. You will lie for ever in Heaven or damnation. There is no impartial spot. Taking note of lik limbo. Jesus never discussed anything or anyplace like that. Someone said, '' I am in the fence"  No there is nothing at all like fence. You are either Christian or miscreant. You are either en route to paradise or expansive way that drives directly to damnation. You will either live with Jesus in paradise or Satan in damnation. These are the unmistakable real factors to must ribbon. 
   Pick youthful this day where would you like to remain or where you need to spend your eternity. 
  You can just answer with an activity. Lose this flyer or shred it. Disregard any messages you found out about Jesus, Postponed the day of knowing Jesus. Never put stock in him, at that point you have answer the inquiry.
   ETERNITY In paradise is for the individuals who trust in Jesus. 

Live with God in christ is a perpetual expectation 

Live without God in wrongdoing is a sad end.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Christianity Poem|The Right Path

  The right path poem

There is a way which seemeth right to men but the end... Is destruction.
   People do doubt when they are not sure of their destination and that is why  they wait and ask about the road that they are heading for.
   One day a boy and a girl were travelling to their cottage on bicycle, but alas! thay are going on the wrong direction. The girl asked,"Are we on the right way?"  "I'm sure we are", was the reply from the boy, as they travelled on, they were unable to get to their destination and they turned back with regrets and disappointment.
  Reader, are you on the right way? Stop where you are and ask yourself same questions, your eternity depends upon your answer. Perhaps you are on the wrong road to eternity. There are only two roads and we are all born in sin and therefore have missed the right road that is, we are on the broad road leading to destruction.
   Many people enjoy this road, and think they are on the way. The boy was sure they were on the right way, yet he missed the target. May be you are thinking also that you are on the way to the right place, but has there ever been a time in your life when you think you are doing the wrong thing? If not you are on the wrong path.


  For you to be on the right way,you have to forgo all that wrong attitude like Saul when an unknown voice spoke to him, he cried and shout and the voice show him the right path to follow.
  He is near to show you the right way call on him,he will surely answer you.
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