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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The power of love peom

Without your love poem

What will I do without your smile lips,
After entering into my eyes,
You blind me like a sunray, and
Your love start overflowing within my heart
I can't stop wondering how God created you
With your cute dimples, and
Your shinning eyes like an angel,
No wonder I always called you my cute angel.

I will never forget you sweet touch on my shoulder
You encouragement when an down
Now I know we are made for each other.
I never wish to leave you,
Cause I can't leave without you,
As I can't write LOVE YO.. Without U.

Your companionship makes me stronger as
Our friend turns to a friendship,
A friendship turms to a bound,
And you know abound will never be broken
And can never be thrown into the ditch.
It has been along days has you as my friend,
But putting inline of friend alone is difficult,
Until I find a place for you in my heart, but
Instead of sitting down quietly there,
You built a mansion there,
My heart has no room for escape without YOU.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Poem on love as the greatest gift to offer

One love

Just the other day I saw on BBC
Brutal killing on each other by two friend
I couldn't not understand
So I said to myself this world
Is coming to an end
Is this love can be share in hatred?

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Can we assassinate our loved ones?
Even during Christmas, I do
Shed tears for my killed hen
Talkless of my loved brethrens
I came to some verses in the bible which says
Love your neighbors as yourself,
For this is the greatest commandment
Follow after charity
Desired to love one another
Are we doing this?
For there is one thing I comprehend,
All we need is one love.
Irrespective of the colour or
Political boarder.
I have no materials to offer now
But love is present
Love coveret all materials

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Poem on love|My Heart

   My Heart poem

You know where my heart is

You grabbed a knife and thrust me

In the middle of my heart

I fell down helplessly,

Unable to breathe again

You left me all alone and

you desolated my heart

I know am not in heaven or on  earth

Am now living in coma

My heart is in trauma

Seeking for its heartbeat

Many operation has been

Performed on me

The knife was removed but the

Wound was not healed


Who can revive my wound?

Unless the thruster.
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