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Thursday, June 11, 2020

False hope poem

Poem on false hope

Instead of studying hard, 
Making researches, 
Doing assignments, 
They keep looking at the sun smiling at them,
They feel like they are on top of the world, 

They are encloth with pride, 
They are loitering, drinking and dancing
They look forward to lobbying
Sought eagerly for leakages, 
Trust giraffing, 
Believe whispering, 
Thinking it will last forever, 
They never know its a wild goose chase. 

Alas! it was false hope, 
False hope!
They discovered too late. 
Tell others, 
The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same, 
The strongest secret is we become what we think about most of the time, 

You may only succeed if you desire succeeding
You may only fail if you do not mind failing, 
Seriousness aids knowledge, 
Diligence gives success.
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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The power of love peom

Without your love poem

What will I do without your smile lips,
After entering into my eyes,
You blind me like a sunray, and
Your love start overflowing within my heart
I can't stop wondering how God created you
With your cute dimples, and
Your shinning eyes like an angel,
No wonder I always called you my cute angel.

I will never forget you sweet touch on my shoulder
You encouragement when an down
Now I know we are made for each other.
I never wish to leave you,
Cause I can't leave without you,
As I can't write LOVE YO.. Without U.

Your companionship makes me stronger as
Our friend turns to a friendship,
A friendship turms to a bound,
And you know abound will never be broken
And can never be thrown into the ditch.
It has been along days has you as my friend,
But putting inline of friend alone is difficult,
Until I find a place for you in my heart, but
Instead of sitting down quietly there,
You built a mansion there,
My heart has no room for escape without YOU.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Dead Poem

Poem on Dead

It's not my wish to take pen and write this
But due to this weakness of mine
I hate leaving or loosing my loved one
Traveling for me becomes difficult
Because this life normally for me
Looks like a mirage
Only the pathway I saw

With shinning and flahing rays
Sometimes getting down and touching it
Becomes my idea
Getting there to hold tight or hug
Puffs in air it disappeared
Sometimes people calls me a crazy being. 

I hate killing my pet or seeing its dead body,
Talkless of leaving my loved one
Though I know one day,
I will leave you or
We depart to where our
Joy will abound,
I wish to recognize you all
But why is it so fast in leaving my loved one
What I hate most in life is pain
I never play near needle
Talkless of blade
That's why I hate assaulting people
Cause if you assault me
My nerves brought so many pain to my brain. 

I hate separation the most
One question I will like to ask Him is
Why do you leave us.
Hmmm Death is an agony on
Its own,

Bruises that won't heal till eternity
Most especially when you lost your
You will look at the picture again and again
Wish to brought him back to life.

But to no avail, wasted effort.
Listen to your heart, it's telling you something,
Always life a good life for good account.

Remember you can live
Try and wake up
To reality of life.
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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Poem|salute to the woman

Salute to the woman poem

You Shall adore, respect the woman,
She is an holy pleasure,
Created with sacred heart,
You shall protect and guide the woman,
She is a valuable and a precious treasure,
She is a pillar of reference and respect.

Her womb provides nine-month sanctuary,
Through her life, a man lives,
And through her laps, the giant is born,
Her breasts are sources of living,
And her back, the alternate matrass,
Remember the comfort of her back,
You recall the comfort of her arms,
Remember the kisses of her lips,
And the tenderness of her lips,
Her voice, when she sings and dance
Is an evergreen in my memory,
Her happiness makes the sun smiles
While her anger makes the sky weep.

The ripping woman provides the wife,
The growing woman becomes the mother,
The greying woman becomes the granny,
Behind every man exists a woman,
And behind the success of a man, there is
a special woman taking hold of the place,
Some would claim "No woman no tears"
A tearless life is a sweetless life.
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Inspirational Poem on Humility


Regardless of how courageous a canine is it runs seeing monster,
Regardless of how pride a turkey is its not as delightful as chameleon who can change its material in any case,
Regardless of how a bird flap it's wings it can never soar high as eagle,
Regardless of how futile a night crawler is ranchers esteems it more than centipede,
Regardless of how pride a peacock is, it can never come close itself to an ostrich
Humility is an inbuilt good which expresses stronger than words, it is the nature of having unassuming or low perspective on one significance,
Modesty reinforces one relationship, it likewise makes everlasting adoration accessible,
Lowliness characterizes you, it clarifies the sort of individual you are from the primary site,
It causes you to feel better and gives spaces for your excellence to sparkle,
Modesty accumulates quality and energy for you,
Turning out to be renowned isn't hard,
Turning into a favored youngster from God is certain,
Since God himself offer regard to humble heart.

If there is reward for right
And punishment for wrong
If there is commendation for good
And condemnation for evil
If we sustain the honest
And despise the  corrupt
Then justice will seem done
And humanity will stand upside up

The Gap
The heat of the hottest furnace
And the cold of the coldest freeze
The height of the highest mountain
And the depth of the deepest dongeon
Compare the contrast
Such is the gap between man and man
While some sterve in perpetual penury
Other feed their pet with kilos of meat
While some sweep gutters with flowing velvetine
Others waddle in quick sand of rags
Compare the contrast
Such is the gap between man and man.
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Friday, April 10, 2020

Poem on Imagination

Pure Imagination poem

Imagine you are in paradise 
Sitting at the correct hand side 
Dinning and winning with Jesus 
Nothing is more prominent than this happiness 
Sitting with one's maker. 

Envision there is no sky 
covering heaven 
Giving every single person 
Access to see their maker, 
Concerning me I will always go there 
And spend my entire day with him. 

Imagine there is in no way like religion, doctrines, 
To make discussion and untruth 
Everybody will supplicate in solidarity, unity and bring 
Paradise down on Earth. 

Envision we don't have embezzler in our nation, states 
In no way like law or boundage, 
Total opportunity is available 
In no way like theft, prejudice, or 
Putting all families on honored position, 
Utilizing residents' cash to purchase a fresh out of the plastic new vehicle, 
Loosing your kin to maladies. 
Everyone will be on happy mode

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Presently imagine we are having Leader
There is law and little opportunity 
Misappropriation is available, 
Shortage of nourishment is part 
Bolting and beating residents 
No types of Dignity or regard for residents 
In any case, embezzlement is certain and
Poverty is sure. 

Which one do you like? 

Envision there is no love
Severance is certain 
Scorn is sure 
Harmony and amicability is negative
Selfishness is positive
Mayhem is all over the place 
Disorder is available. 

Return and imagine 
There is strong and veritable love 
All over.

By what means will it be?

Remember, this poem is made of imagination and if you join me, we will both imagine what is positive and not negative tending not to hurt others when we become leader or when we hold a higher position.
Imagination sometimes comes real when we works toward it, this shows different between vision and imagination.
Vision is of a spiritual realm and imagination is of human understanding. 
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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Inspirational Outlook

                  Inspirational outlook 
On the off chance that you were caught up with being benevolent, 

Before you knew it, you would have neglected to think it was valid 

That somebody was heartless to you. 

On the off chance that you were occupied with being happy, 

What's more, cheering individuals who are pitiful, 

In spite of the fact that your heart may hurt a piece, 

You'd before long neglect to see it. 

On the off chance that you are occupied with being acceptable, 

Furthermore, doing as well as could be expected, 

You'd not have the opportunity to accuse some man, 

Who's doing only as well as can be expected. 

On the off chance that you were caught up with being correct, 

You'd wind up too occupied very, 

To scrutinize your neighbors, 

Since he's bustling incorrectly. 


There is a criminal that looks for 

To burglarize you 

Of your ethics cum elegance 

He looks for your life tractfully 

As you venture to a great extent 

To forestall you 

From the wonderful Home 

There's a burglar ... Around 

With Dane weapon, bludgeon, Death, Sickness 

Hiding along life's way 

The dismissed of God 

He looks for you in the night 

In your work environment 

Looking to end your reality 

The burglar is dressed in gay article of clothing an old for 

Like a double-crosser 

He has tumbled from paradise 

Be careful! Be careful!! Be careful!!! 

Watch and supplicate, 

The end is close. 

             God The Greatest 

God is more noteworthy than 

The sky and the Earth 

For he made them all 

He senior them with positions and honored positions 

For He enthrone and ousts 

The icons and Graven picture 

For they are mamade. 

The voices around you can fizzle 

The circumstance and conditions. 

The belief systems of the shrewd men 

Are silliness before Him 

In this manner come to God. 

                   My cup runneth over 

There is continually something over when 

We trust on the Gracious Lord 

Each cup he fills over floweth 

His incredible stream all are abroad 

nothing thin nothing stinted 

Ever issue from his store 

To his own he give full measure 

Running over, over additional 

There is continually something over when we, from the dad's hand. 

Take our bit with Thanksgiving 

Lauding for the way he arranged, 

Fulfillment, full and depending, 

Fills the spirit, and lighting the eyes, 

At the point when the heart confided in Him. 

All it needs to fulfill.
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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Poem on Cruelty Of Life

Cruelty of life poem

Why is life so cruel? 
At youthful age 

My future aspiration 
To complete elementary school 
Enlist to auxiliary school level 
Right away 

Finish in higher organization separately 
Also, secure a great job 
Get hitched 
Offer shower to both male and female 

Deal with my family 
Also, people group in a fair way 

Filful my fantasy at twenty years old 

Presently life has choose wrongly for me 
Change my fantasy 

Furthermore, aspiration to the most noticeably awful 

Taking me to level I never intended to be 

It carries torment and distress to my heart 

At the point when I understood am as yet battling 

To arrive at half of my fantasy and aspiration 

Ever at age of my center 30's 

I sobbed and cried quietly 

More in my heart 

Since life has chosen wrong for me 

My way to my fantasy and aspiration is close however 

Life continues tossing snags to me 

Which makes me step in reverse and start all overagain 

Making me to appreciate sweet harshness of misery 

Life figure out how to give me significant serenity 

Be that as it may, there is no rest of psyche 

My heart got broken and incapacitated 

Holding up to raised 

What's more, satisfy my fantasy and aspiration.
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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Poem On Virtues I Desire

Virtues I desire poem

Virtues I desire, Love is a virtue,
passion is its value, emotions for good, Feelings against hatred, God bless me with it.

Honesty is a virtue, Truth is it's bedrock, Bitter it could be, Truth yield trust, God bless me with it.

Hummility is a virtue, respect is it trait, good to build oneself, reap from elders,equals. God bless me with it.

Obedience is a virtue, submission is it core, Good for one to gain, Protection guaranteed, God bless me with it. 

Wisdom is a virtue, Knowledge is it base, Understanding wins race, Total control over curses, God bless me with it.

Neatness is a virtue, cleanliness is its prime, Depicts good health and nearness to God, God bless me with it.

Courage is a virtue, Determination is its key, Good to yield to success and dare all odds, God bless me with it, Strengthens one's mind, God bless me with it. 

Patience is a virtue, Time is it indicator, God reward patience and manifest plans, God bless me with it.

All these I desire, For right character and good attitudes, And nation's pleasure.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Poem On The Invisible Being

The Invisible Being
You are here even before the heaven
You mud me and know me
Before my birth
But have never know you
Though I read alot about you.
You've seen me
But have never seen you
The  unseen being

With your finger you punished
Your enemy
Who so ever friend you
You surely love them.
You have touch me 
But have never touch you
Hmmm, how I wish
The untouchable being.

Do you feel his presence?
I always feel it it within me
I remembered the other time
He hold my hand and said
He had fall in love with me
When will you come to take me home?
When will I come to visit you?
The invisible being.

                          Invisible Ghost

Have you at any point seen an air, however you can feel it,you have seen sun, yet you can't get hold of it or take a gander at it, 
Have you at any point seen love previously? Be that as it may, you can feel it. 

That is the manner by which this God is, I do feel him however I can't contact him, the first occasion when I saw him in my fantasy, I pursued him needed to snatch him I tumbled down level, He thought back and shot in the arm. He gave me his hand, I contacted it and I hold it immovably I never let go of it, bt into minor air it vanished. 

Seeing him in my fantasy can't, I need to see the unseeb being truly with my profound eyes. 
You said is unimaginable. 
Nothing is incomprehensible in the event that you accept,. Would you be able to feel his touch presently, am feeling it at this moment, these for what reason do transpires constantly. 

Feeling his touch and dreaming about him, hearing is voice is incorporated yet am holding on to see His face, the substance of Invisible being.
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Poem on love|My Heart

   My Heart poem

You know where my heart is

You grabbed a knife and thrust me

In the middle of my heart

I fell down helplessly,

Unable to breathe again

You left me all alone and

you desolated my heart

I know am not in heaven or on  earth

Am now living in coma

My heart is in trauma

Seeking for its heartbeat

Many operation has been

Performed on me

The knife was removed but the

Wound was not healed


Who can revive my wound?

Unless the thruster.
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